Electronic Health Records

Our billing and practice management systems interface with literally dozens of Electronic Health Records software systems on the market today.

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This provides your practice with the versatility to utilize the EHR which best fits your personal needs and your individual way of practicing medicine–while simultaneously benefiting from our medical billing services.

While Codes Medical Billing does have its own EHR system available for our clients, we fully recognize that the choice of EHR systems is a very personal one. Just like no one billing service company is the right match for every practice, no one EHR vendor is the best match for every practice either. There simply is no one "best EHR". That is why Codes gives you options when it comes to EHR. Lots of options. With so many partners and interfaces, one EHR on the market is sure to be the right one for you. You can make your decision with peace of mind, knowing that your practice's revenue cycle will maintain stability and not be compromised.

Our suggestion: Do not purchase an EHR just because it is the one used by your billing service or practice management system company. And don't select a billing company or PM system simply because it works with your EHR. If you are not content with one or the other in the future, the flexibility to change one without disruption to the other is vital. Simply stated–consider the risks of placing all of your practice's eggs in one basket. Therefore, one recipe for success is to find the best reimbursement solution for your practice, then find the best EHR for your practice–and just make sure they play well together!

If you are interested in Codes Medical Billing EHR, have questions regarding interfacing, or would like to know if we can interface with a particular EHR application, please do not hesitate to contact us.