Codes Is Different

No annoying sales persons or tactics

Give us a call, and we’ll try to help as best we can—even if that means pointing you in the direction of another company. Our business is based on long-term partnerships, so we want to be sure that we’re the right company for you, and that you’re the right client for us.

Our Team

We have an amazing team! A company is only as good as its people, and Codes Medical Billing attracts and retains some of the very best. Talk to them and you will see. Every member of the Codes family has a personal stake in what we do and the experience it takes to aggressively collect every dollar that you earn. And our entire team is based right here in Sunnyvale, Texas.

Customer service is our only business

Codes has chosen a small team approach which ensures higher levels of customer service and amazing results for our clients. The end result is a company which not only maximizes your revenue, but also makes sure you can talk to the people who actually do the real work.

Money, Money, and Money

Everything we do is designed to provide the highest levels of provider reimbursement. Our services and systems get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and followup on unpaid claims aggressively.

Options come Standard

No two practices are the same—so why do billing companies treat them like they are? Needs are different, technologies change, practices advance. Codes Medical Billing offers a variety of options at various levels which tailor our services around you and not the other way around.

U.S. Owned and Operated

It is our strong belief that the benefits of knowledgeable, experienced and accessible U.S.-based employees–in combination with our advanced technologies–far outweigh any cost savings associated outsourcing processing overseas. You can find a billing service that charges less than we do, but keep in mind that they will likely collect less, as well.

Different Specialties

While some revenue cycle management companies only focus on one or two specific types of medical practices, the Codes Medical Billing solution works with physicians from any area. Our current client base includes everything from GP’s to dozens of different specialties.