Our Services

We strive each day to provide our clients with the highest quality medical billing & collection services, electronic health records software, and practice management.

Medical Billing & Collection

Codes Medical Billing and Collection Services are proven to increase cash flow by maximizing the per procedure reimbursement, reducing payment times and decreasing denial rates. As a partner in on-going operations, Codes utilizes its vast experience, best practices and proven procedures to work with physicians and their staff to ensure reliable and timely billing and payment. This passionate pursuit to ensure our clients receive every dollar they earn has enabled Codes to handle over $20 million in annual physician charges.

Electronic Health Records

While Codes Medical Billing does have its own EHR system available for our clients, we fully recognize that the choice of EHR systems is a very personal one. Just like no one billing service company is the right match for every practice, no one EHR vendor is the best match for every practice either. There simply is no one "best EHR". That is why Codes gives you options when it comes to EHR. Lots of options. With so many partners and interfaces, one EHR on the market is sure to be the right one for you. You can make your decision with peace of mind, knowing that your practice's revenue cycle will maintain stability and not be compromised. View our EHR or PM on-demand product demo.

Practice Management

Whether you are starting a new practice or making changes to an existing one, Codes Medical Billing can help. We have extensive experience navigating these waters—from full credentialing services to licensure consulting. We will take these administrative headaches away from you and ensure a smooth and timely transition. Additionally, we pass our years of experience along to you. We assess your front office personnel to ensure best practices are followed—keeping both the office and your revenue running smoothly. We also review your Financial and Accounts Receivable, working quickly to improve any areas within the practice that may be adversely affecting your cash flow.

Company Overview